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"We are most artistically caged."

Alex Jayne, 22
☪ ✝ ☯ ۞☀☪✰☆ ♥ ♕ ❤ ॐ

*An impulsive Pisces, a writer, a Wiccan, a narcissist. A lone wolf, a masochist, an addict. An impatient fashionista with an old soul. Part Mermaid, Witch, Fairy, Feline, Pirate, and Succubus. A ravenous raven. A curious cat. A malicious moon child. A peculiar pessimist. Queen of all things grunge, wild, strange, and free. I love love love animals, stickers, autumn, weed, shopping, and laying in bed. I don't like parties, and I don't like clubs. I have a weird sexual attraction to masks. The walls of my soul are decorated with enchanted vines and poisonous apples.